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The Ultimate Fundraising Partnership

CFIF and Get Movin' - A Powerful Force for
Reaching your Fundraising Goals

Fund raising is one of the toughest challenges facing both charter schools and private schools. CFIF understands the considerations both types of schools face when launching a fundraising campaign, with the support of Get Movin’ we know how to navigate inside the fundraising arena and offer a myriad of creative options that are typically not well understood and as a result, frequently overlooked.  We understand the potential to leverage fundraising as part of an overall capital project funding strategy.  The results can be extraordinary and mean the difference between a successful program versus a failed effort.

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Get Movin' Fundraising is the Largest
and Most Profitable Fundraising Platform for Schools

With CFIF, Get Movin’ Now Offers Digital Fundraising Tools
for Non-Profits, Churches, & Other Private Organizations

With over 14 years helping schools coast-to-coast, Get Movin’ has developed the best tools in the industry to raise money through event-based fundraisers that are meaningful and profitable. Their expertise and online fundraising technology are now available for your organization!

How does it work? Students, congregants, or other organization members participate in event-style fundraisers, such as Fun Runs, Read-Athons, Dance-Athons, and more, while collecting worldwide online donation support.

Get Movin’s FundHub

A Comprehensive Online System for All of Your Fundraising Needs!

FundHub is the online solution for your event-based fundraiser. The digital tools provided in this system make your job as an organizer streamlined and simplified. Get Movin’ clients average raising 2-3 times MORE in donations than when fundraising on their own. It's super easy for you, parents and donors to use for accepting online donations from anywhere in the world. FundHub provides the affordable technology your fundraiser has been missing!

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